Shiftee is powered by the digital WordPress agency Range.


A powerful and robust WordPress plugin that lets you manage schedules, staff availability, reports, and time-tracking – all from within your WordPress site. Hello streamlining!

See a demo here.


We were called in to help a client come up with a solution to their scheduling woes. They needed a way to create schedules for their staff, who travel all over the city to meet clients on-site. They needed to view their schedule on line and clock in and out. Thus Shiftee was born.

Since that beginning, we’ve worked closely with many types of business owners. We’ve learned their scheduling pain points and what tools they’d need to alleviate those pains. And we’ve built those tools into Shiftee. The result is a plugin that allows business owners and managers to manage staff and volunteers directly within one of the most powerful tools they already own – their WordPress website.

If scheduling staff is still a headache for you, ditch the Advil and try Shiftee instead!

Need more information? Don’t forget to see how it works and browse screenshots of Shiftee’s features here.