Shiftee Basic

Clocking In & Out

Shiftee gives your staff the ability to track their time by clocking in and out.  Here is how this works:

  • The clock in and out buttons appear on the single shift view.  A staff member can reach the single shift view by clicking on a shift on the schedule, or by going to a page that uses the [today] shortcode.  You must be logged in to see the single shift view.  If the person viewing the shift is logged in, and if the shift is scheduled for the current day, the clock in button will appear.
  • As soon as a staff member clocks in, the clock in time will be saved and they will see the clock out button.
  • You can choose to record the staff member’s approximate location when they clock in and out by turning on geolocation on the settings page.
  • As soon as a staff member clocks out, the clock out time will be saved and the shift status will be changed to “worked.”

An admin or manager can edit a staff member’s shift and change their clock in and out times in the dashboard.