Creating and Editing Shifts in Bulk

When you have hundreds of shifts to manage, creating and editing them one at a time can be a lot of work.  That’s why Shiftee lets you create, edit, and delete shifts in bulk.

Bulk Creating Shifts

Go to Shifts–> Bulk Add Shifts.  This page has a form for creating a lot of shifts at once.  You can enter in a title for the shifts and select the job.  You can assign the bulk shifts to one or more staff.  You must select the days of the week when this shift will repeat, and the date range and time for the shifts.  You can then select the location, shift type, and shift status.  You can choose whether or not to notify employees that they have been assigned to new shifts: they will receive one email about all of the shifts.

When you click “create shifts,” Shiftee will create one shift for every staff member chosen for every chosen day of the week in the specified date range.  The shifts will be hierarchical: the first shift will be the parent, and all of the other shifts will be children of that first shift.  This helps you keep track of shifts that are connected to each other in a series.

Bulk Editing Shifts

Since the shifts that you create with the bulk creator are connected to each other, you can also edit them in bulk.  To do this, edit one of the shifts.  In the right sidebar, you will see a box labeled “Shifts in This Series.”  If the shift is part of a series, you will see a button for “Update All Shifts in This Series.”  Before you click that button, you need to save the shift you are currently editing.  Then click “Update All Shifts in This Series.”  The changes that you made to the current shift will then be applied to all of the shifts in the series that are scheduled for a later date than the current shift.  The only field that will not be changed in the future shifts is the scheduled date.

Bulk Deleting Shifts

There are two ways to delete shifts in bulk:

  • From Shifts overview page: On the shifts overview page, if you hover over a shift, you will see a link to “Delete all shifts in this series.”
  • From an individual shift: When you edit a shift, look in the “Shifts in This Series” box in the right-hand sidebar.  There is a button there to “Delete all shifts in this series.”