Shiftee Basic


Q: Is Shiftee compatible with my theme?

A: Yes! Shiftee is designed to work with any theme. Shiftee follows the styles set by your theme, so some of the views might look a little different in your theme than they do in our demo photos and videos.

Q: If I have more than one staff member doing the same job at the same time, can I make one shift with multiple staff, or do I need to create separate shifts for all of them?

A: Each shift can only be assigned to one staff member, so if multiple people are doing the same job at the same time, you still have to create separate shifts for each of them.  Shiftee includes a bulk shift creator that makes it easy to create multiple shifts at once.

Q: When I try to view a shift, I get a 404: not found error.

A: In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings –> Permalinks and click “Save changes” (you don’t have to make any changes, just save the page).

Q: Can I buy a single-site license instead of a 2-site license?

A: Our lowest price package is a 2-site license. We want to make sure that you can use Shiftee on a staging site or development site in addition to your live site, so we provide a second license to you for free.