On Demand

On Demand Overview

To get up and running with On Demand:

  • Make sure you have the latest paid version of Shiftee downloaded, installed, and activated. Likewise, make sure you have the latest version of On Demand downloaded, installed, and activated.
  • Make sure you have users with the Shiftee Employee user role.
  • Optional: If you want your customers to be able to specify certain criteria for employees (such as “able to lift 50 pounds” or “has own car” or “has CPR certification”), you will need to create a Work Qualification form.
  • Optional: If you are using a Work Qualification form, you need to put it on the site where staff can fill it out.  To do that, create a page and use the shortcode:
    [employee_work_qualification_form form="form-name"]

    Replace “form-name” with the slug of your form.  Staff can then fill in the form, and their information will be saved to their user account.

  • Staff will need enter in when they are available to work.  This information is available in the shortcode
  • Create another page where customers can go to request a shift, and use this shortcode:
    [customer_shift_request_form form="form=name"]

    Replace “form-name” with the slug of your form, if you are using one; otherwise, leave it out.  Customers will be able to fill out the form to request work from staff.  As soon as they fill out the form, staffwho are qualified and available will be notified, and unassigned shifts will be created.

  • You can create a page where staff can see their account information with this shortcode:
  • You can go to the Shiftee settings page to see additional settings for On Demand, which include options for when to send invoices to customers and how to calculate the invoice amounts.