On Demand

Shift Requests

Create a page where your site visitors can go to request that work be done by staff with certain qualifications at certain times.

Before using Shift Request Forms, please make sure that staff have entered in when they are available to work. To prompt staff for availability, create a new page using the [employee_profile] shortcode and ask your staff to fill out the information fields in their user profile.

To Create a Shift Request Form:

  • Add a new page and use this shortcode:
    [customer_shift_request_form form="form=name"]

    Replace “form-name” with the slug of your form, if you are using one; otherwise, leave it out. The simplified shortcode [customer_shift_request_form] will create a pre-made form with standard shift request information (date(s), location, description).

  • Share the page URL with relevant customers. Customers will then need to fill out the form to request work from available employees.
  • As soon as a customer fills out and submits the form, staff who are qualified and available will be notified, and unassigned shifts will be created. (This is why staff must have entered their availability).

Customer Account Page

To create a page where customers can see their account information, use this shortcode: