Staff Pay Rates

Shiftee provides flexible wage options for calculating your staff’s hourly pay rates.  You can set a staff member’s hourly pay rate based on the location and job associated with a shift.  You can create wage templates to apply to multiple staff members, or give a staff member custom pay rates.

Creating Wage Templates

If you have multiple staff who will receive the same hourly rates, you can create wage templates. To do this, go to the Shiftee settings page.  In the Shiftee Settings section, you will see “Wage Templates.”  You can enter different wages for each combination of jobs and locations.  Each template must have a name and a default wage.

Assigning Wage Templates to Staff

Once you have created wage templates, you can associate a wage template with a staff member.  To do this, edit a staff member.  In the Payroll Information section, there is a setting for “Pay Rate.”  If you have created wage templates on the settings page, you can select one of those wage templates.  If this staff member’s wages don’t follow a template, you can enter in custom settings instead.  If you change a wage template on the settings page, those changes will apply to all staff who use that wage template.