On Demand

Work Qualification Forms

Creating Work Qualification Forms

If you want customers to be able to specify certain qualifications for staff (such as “able to lift 50 pounds” or “has own car” or “has CPR certification”), you will need to create a Work Qualification form.

This form will be used in two ways on the site:

  1. Staff can fill in the form to save their qualifications, and
  2.  Customers can fill in the form to find staff who have the required qualifications.

Once you have activated On Demand in the plugin panel of your dashboard, follow these steps to create a Work Qualification Form:

  • Go to Users –> All Work Qualification Forms
  • Add a new form with the questions or criteria that your staff will need to fill out
  • Name and publish the form

Make Work Qualification Form Visible to Staff

Once you create a Work Qualification form, you’ll need to put the form on the site where staff can fill it out.

To do this:

  • Create a new page on your site and use the shortcode:
    [employee_work_qualification_form form="form-name"]

    Replace “form-name” with the slug of your form.

  • Share the URL of this page with your staff so they know where to find it.
  • Staff can then fill in the form. Their form responses will be saved to their user account so you can reference this information at any time.