Shiftee adds useful features to Shiftee Basic to make it even easier to manage employees, jobs, and shifts.


Bulk create shifts: if a shift repeats on a regular basis, you can fill in the entire schedule at once with the bulk shift creator.  The bulk shift creator links together the repeating shifts, so you can edit or delete all of them.

Check for schedule conflicts: you can keep a record of when employees are regularly available.  When you create a shift, the plugin will check whether the employee is available and whether they are scheduled for another shift at the same time.  You will be given the option to create the shift despite the schedule conflict.

Manager user role: Users with the “Manager” user role have access to Employee Scheduler functionality in the WordPress dashboard.  Managers can be assigned to employees, and will receive all notifications related to their employees.

Take Unassigned Shifts: If a shift is unassigned, any employee can click a “take shift” button to have the shift assigned to them.

Drop Shifts: Any employee can click the “drop shift” button to drop a shift, and then the shift will be available for other employees to pick up.  You can set a deadline for dropping shifts.

Filter shifts: When you have thousands of shifts, it can be hard to find the one you want on WordPress’s shifts screen.  The Filter Shifts page lets you find shifts by date, type, status, employee, and job.

Filter expenses: The Filter Expenses page lets you find expenses by date, category, status, employee, and job.

Store more employee data: Extra user profile fields let you track employees’ pay rate, deductions, and other useful information for payroll.

Payroll report: Generate a payroll report that accounts for regular hours, overtime, and paid time off.  It also adds in mileage and expenses, and subtracts deductions.

Scheduled vs. worked report: Quickly see if your employees are sticking to their schedule.

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled